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Thursday, March 3, 2011

New Substantive Material Tomorrow!

In lieu of posting material today, I want to take time to ask you, my followers, what you'd like to see.

Your options include:
A.) Contracts
B.) Civil Procedure
C.) Torts
D.) Legal Writing (no real notes here, maybe just some advice?)
E.) Property
F.) Criminal Law (no new notes, unlike the other classes, crimlaw is only 1 semester long)

Let me know in the comments below :D


  1. Contracts!

    Any chance you can talk about copyright too?

  2. I'm gonna vote civil procedure

  3. Contracts seems like a good subject!

  4. I had a course in business law but there's one thing I really didn't get to see: How to read (and write) a contract. Also, if you could maybe teach how to read a contract the way a lawyer would, then you can count on me coming often.